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A 5-Day Crash Course to Escape the Biggest Growth Mistakes That Kill Early-Stage Startups (And Fast Track to Series A+)

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• Find "true" product market fit (and the best product metric to measure)• Unlock growth with a systematic way to scale an advertising channel• Discover the #1 thing to look for in a team member and a co-founder (it's not what you think)This free email course gives you everything you need to avoid the most common mistakes that stunt startup growth.

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My name is Erik, and I've...• Helped dozens of founders find product-market fit and implement a growth strategy as a startup advisor.• Built products for early and growth-stage startups as a Product Manager.• Helped generate $50M+ in total B2B sales with outbound lead generation and sales.And now, I want to share everything I know with you.

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Day 1: Masterclass on Avoiding Poor Product-Market Fit (And Strategies The Most Successful Startups Use to Get This Right)Day 2: A Step-by-Step Guide to Never Run Out of Money For Your Startup (By Knowing 3 Key Business Metrics)Day 3 The 3 Elements of an Ineffective Team–And What All Successful Candidates Have in CommonDay 4 How to Create a Growth Strategy for Exponential Growth (Without Scaling Too Quickly)Day 5: The 3 Reasons Why Co-Founder Conflict Happens (And Practical Ways to Avoid Them)